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COOLIO - Star of Celebrity Big Brother 2009

Coolio, the multi-talented Grammy Award winning and multi-platinum selling music artist, composer and actor, is one of the most popular and successful rappers worldwide. Having made an impact as one of the celebrity stars of the hugely popular British TV series, Celebrity Big Brother, in early 2009 (where he made it to the final)- Coolio has shown that he's a lovable mix of humour, wit, sincerity and bluntness! Highly entertaining and with a captivating, bold personality that's perfect for TV, Coolio first became a well-known star when he released the massive the hit single "Gangsta's Paradise", which appeared on the soundtrack for the movie Dangerous Minds. It became the first rap single to sell over a million copies in the UK. Coolio has had a successful music career and his credits include three platinum albums, six top 10 hits, a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance, an American Music Award, three MTV Music Videos, two Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and a World Music Award. His best known songs, besides 'Gangsta's Paradise', include 'C U When U Get There' and 'Too Hot'. To date, Coolio has sold almost 30 million records globally and has performed in concerts to adoring fans in Africa, Israel, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, Australia, Turkey and throughout Europe.

In the diversified hip hop industry, Coolio is one of the few rap artists who has been able to garner mainstream success and critical acclaim. As well as rapping/songwriting, Coolio is an actor, author, chef and TV personality. In 2008, following his love for food and cooking, Coolio started-up his own online cooking show, 'Cookin' with Coolio' - which makes for must-have, highly entertaining viewing. This was followed by his 3-week stint in the Celebrity Big Brother 2009 TV series in the UK.

Coolio hopes to release his own Coolio TV show in the UK in late 2009, as well as a new Coolio cookery book in November 2009.

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Rapper, Composer, Actor and TV Star