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Best known for her glamorous role as the fiesty, red-headed battle babe 'Inferno' from the hit British TV series, Gladiators - wrestler and model Jemma Palmer is a force to be reckoned with!

Born in 1986, as a child Jemma won various beauty pageants such as Little Miss Midlands, Miss Littlesea and took part in Miss Great Britain and Miss England competitions.

Jemma's father brought her up as a tom boy teaching her martial arts and evoking a passion for the military and archeology. Realising her love for action, Jemma enrolled at army cadets where she got into an array of physical activities, including climbing, rappelling and amateur wrestling. At age 9, Jemma was fanatical about the original series of television show Gladiators and set her heart on one day becoming a Gladiator or a wrestler. In her early teens, Jemma trained and competed in Athletics and Trampolining and in her later teens started weight training and submission wrestling. Throughout her teenage years Jemma continued to model and study media at college.

In 2005 Jemma did some promo work with FWA under Doug Williams and got to work as a valet at several shows. Jemma was looking for a wrestling school to start pro-wrestling training when she was invited as 1 of only 3 girls for a WWE tryout after a European talent search. Jemma was the invited to participate in The WWE Diva Search and after meeting with Talent Scout Rick Bassman was offered a scholarship at his training school. Whilst training in the USA, Jemma was introduced to American Gladiators and was being considered as a new American Gladiator, when she heard from the UK Gladiators. After flying back to the UK to meet with the production company, Jemma was thrilled to sign up as a new Gladiator for the 2008 TV re-launch in the UK. Having completed the filming of the first series - which was a huge success - Jemma is now under an intense training regime including weights, Plyometrics, cardio, climbing and of course wrestling and is working towards her dual goals of becoming the best Gladiator she can be and becoming a WWE Diva and pro wrestler.

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Gladiators TV star, wrestler & model